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Our mission is to help you attain an inner balance, cultivate a radiant body, and experience a deeper connection to life.

SS Yoga Buffalo NY is a community center with a focus on health and well-being for the body, mind, and spirit. Home to the best Yoga in Buffalo NY, our Center also hosts free events as well as ongoing classes in meditation, pilates, prenatal yoga sessions, and more. Please see our calendar for a full listing of events. In addition to classes, several practitioners at SS Yoga also offer massage therapy, Reiki, Thai Yoga Bodywork, and private yoga sessions.

Who We Are

SS Yoga is a professional, fully certified yoga center located in Buffalo NY. We provide real health and life solutions through the art of yoga and meditation.

We provide the best yoga practice in Buffalo, New York. The goal is to make clients happy by getting them deeper into their practice while enjoying each step.of the way.

The art of yoga; why and who uses it?

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga. Those looking for an interesting all-around fitness practice should try yoga. The same old fitness routine can get a little boring. Yoga is a continuing practice where the moves are always a challenge and new.

Many people use yoga for the fitness and weight loss benefits. However sometimes, it is a deeper connection for those that practice yoga. Those that want to relieve stress use yoga. The world can be very stressful at times, with working and many other life challenges. In yoga class, we come together to relieve that stress and let everything go.

Many people use yoga for weight loss. Though yoga is not considered a cardiovascular activity, it does have weight loss benefits. There are variations of yoga. Vinyasa is a great, continued yoga practice that can kick start weight loss. Vinyasa flow is a fast-paced form of yoga. It gives a more fitness approach to yoga as oppose to because the movements are of more of a dance flow.

Yoga used by those looking for alternative medicine benefits. Many don’t believe in medicating with over-the-counter and prescription drugs because of the harmful effects it may have. Yoga is a healing practice that is used as therapy. Yoga has been said to heal the nervous system and prevent diseases. People also use yoga to lower blood pressure, cure sleep insomnia and improve digestion.

What can you expect to get out of yoga?

Self-discipline: As adults, we suffer from commitment issues. Especially commitments to ourselves. We have so much on our plate, and the last thing we are thinking about is ourselves. We give to our children, our families our work and so much more. We barely take any time for ourselves. Within the yoga practice, a big component is teaching students that it is always important to take time for us. We can continue to give to others, but we are important as well. Yoga also teaches that those around us want us to remember that it is important to commit to ourselves as well. Self-commitment and discipline make us better people for those around us.

Breathing techniques: An important part of yoga, if not the most important part, is focusing on your breath. Breathing is very vital to our lives and health and sometimes we are not doing it correctly. Breathing helps get rid of those toxins in our body that cause us to be sick. Breathing also helps with proper digestion, concentration, and self-control.

Stress relief: I have talked about stress relief of yoga, but I have not talked about how and why yoga reduces stress. Specific breathing patterns can release the body in a state of complete relief.

How everyday life problems can be solved through the practice of yoga; yoga teaches self-discipline; etc.

Stress, as mentioned above, is an everyday life problem. I have already spoke on stress. During life, stress will happen. We are working and competing to keep our jobs, paying bills, stressing about money, dealing with loved ones passing and so many other things. It is important to target and relieve stress because it can lead to health problems and sometimes death.

At SS Yoga Buffalo NY, we help you defeat stress by focusing on the root causes, and help you attain inner peace and become more vibrant in your life.

Improving work performance: When you practice yoga mind, body, and spirit, you open up an entire world of creativity. After yoga classes, you feel like you can take on the world, and you view the world a lot differently than when you first came into class. Your creativity may kick, and you bring fresh ideas to your boss that he loves and wants to take on.

It can also increase your overall production at work. It is no secret that many get stuck in a workload run. However, practicing yoga can turn that all around. The yoga practice is full of multitasking and concentration. It will go on into your everyday job life, and more work will get done.

Relationships: Yoga is all about inner peace. After starting yoga, you will notice that the fights that you had with your spouse will become conversations. You will feel inclined to talk issues out more instead of belittling and yelling at each other.

Bedroom activities get better: If you are stuck in a sexual rut, yoga is what your relationship needs. Couples that have practiced yoga have said that their sex life is very much improved. That is because yoga increases flexibility and sexual stamina. Yoga can make you feel more and more attractive and more comfortable in the bedroom. This can lead to more orgasms and enjoyable sex all around.

What you will learn with our yoga classes

Students will learn the best yoga poses and the meaning behind them. Everything in our Buffalo yoga practices has a purpose. There isn’t one pose, movement or flow that doesn’t serve a specific purpose.

For example, there is a physical purpose behind the poses “asana.” This physical pose targets the spine in a helpful and safe way. They are done to ensure the health and proper movement of the spine. Asana poses are the key to yoga, in a sense. They are there to help improve the body’s overall function and health. The most amazing thing is they target so many systems in the body, such as the nervous, reproductive and urinary functions.

You will also learn of the different types and forms of yoga and which is the right one to fit your needs. Bikram yoga is done in a heated studio, and there are poses on a consistent basis, think hot yoga. Hatha is where you will learn the basics and is targeted more to beginners in their practice. For those that want more of a slower flow, Yin may be the one for you. It concentrates more on long poses and deep connection to those poses.

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